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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Curtis Goodwin, 1996 Pinnacle #111

Pictured left to right are Cal Ripken, Jr., Brady Anderson, Rafael Palmeiro, and Curtis Goodwin. How humbling do you think it must be to be the fourth banana on your own card? Goodwin lasted five seasons in the major leagues with five clubs, and totaled three home runs in that time. Brady went deep 210 times in 13 years. Cal touched 'em all 431 times in 21 years. Raffy hit 569 four-baggers in 20 seasons. I guess Pinnacle had Curtis sniffed out when they chose a photo of him congratulating Ripken for the latter's successful turn at bat.


Chris Harris said...

Goodwin did have 30 more career SBs then Ripken.

That, and $3 will get you a pack of '96 Pinnacle

Kyle said...

I just started going through my old baseball cards, and found out I have the entire first series from 1996 Pinnacle. There are some nice cards in that set...

Kevin said...

Chris - $3? Wow, I'll pass.

Kyle - Yeah, the photos are pretty nice. The foil explosion is a bit much.