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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cal Ripken, Jr., 2004 Donruss Studio #27

Yesterday I had to make a pit stop at Target to do some Father's Day shopping, so I figured I'd get a little something nice for myself. I tried in vain to find one of those vintage repacks that Night Owl keeps going on about, but I did find the markdown bin on the bottom shelf. I passed over some 2009 Goodwin Champions and 2008 Topps, but grabbed two packs of 2010 Upper Deck and four packs of 2004 Donruss Studio for a buck-fifty-nine a piece. The Studio was a real treat, as you usually don't find anything that far back on the shelves. Orioles-wise, I did pretty well. The Upper Deck packs yielded one of my Coveted Cluster needs, former backup catcher Chad Moeller. I also got an Adam Jones Supreme Green insert card. From the Studio packs, I pulled this swell card of Cal Ripken, Jr. superimposed on the Baltimore skyline at the Inner Harbor. That's a lot more O's mojo than I usually have when ripping packs. Not a bad way to start the weekend.


Ryan H said...

I also picked up 4 of these Studio packs while father's day shopping at Target. I also got the same Ironman card! It's still a thrill to pull a card of his from a pack after all these years!

Kevin said...

Ryan - Small world!