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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ken Dixon, 1987 Fleer #468

Hey, whaddaya know? Ken Dixon has a place in baseball's record books. According to this post on the Baseball-Reference Blog, Ken is one of just 16 pitchers in the modern era (1901-present) to allow more home runs than walks in a season (with a minimum of 20 HR). In 1987, one of the most homer-happy seasons of all time, the righty served up 31 gopher balls while issuing only 27 free passes in 105 innings. To give you some indication of how many longballs were hit that year, Dixon's 31 didn't even place him in the top ten of the American League. He was edged out for the tenth spot by teammate Eric Bell, who let 32 hitters touch 'em all. In related news, the Orioles lost 95 games that year.


Ryan H said...

Seems like more than 95 losses is more of a reachable plateau than a pitcher giving up more than 30 Bombs for the 2010 O's. Over or under? Millwood has 15 losses for the season.

Kevin said...

Ryan - I'd tend to agree. Guthrie got whacked like a pinata last year (35 HR in 200 IP), but has settled down in 2010 (7 HR in 58.1 IP). Of course, Millwood is leading the league with 10 HR in 68 IP, so he could get there - especially if he runs out of gas in the summer months.

jacobmrley said...

Have you watched Brewster's Millions yet?