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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brian Roberts, 2004 Playoff Prestige #23

As a baseball fan, you know it's going to be a long year when it's only mid-May and your favorite player (who is also the senior member of the team and its offensive pace-setter) has already dealt with:

-a herniated disk in his lower back
-a stomach virus/gastrointestinal discomfort
-a strained abdominal muscle

I may have missed a malady or two, like scabies or Walking Leprechaun Syndrome. The past few months have been beyond belief vis a vis Brian Roberts. If any of my readers happen to know somebody that owns a B-Rob voodoo doll, could you please tell them to give it a rest?


Aaron said...

I blame of all Brian's misfortune's on Pedroia and Cano, just because, screw those guys.

Kevin said...

Aaron - I like the way you think.