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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Justin Turner, 2010 Upper Deck #39

Just in case (Justin? Get it? I'll show myself out) you haven't laid your hands on any of this year's Upper Deck cards, check this out. After losing their MLB license, the 20-year veteran of the Card Wars goes out with a whimper. Bland design, hideous rookie card logo, nicknameless cities (even though the Orioles and Red Sox are mentioned as such on the card back), and not-fooling-anyone photograph angles. Sure, Justin Turner's torso is contorted in such a way that the insignia on the front of his jersey is obscured, but did they think they could get away with showing half of the bird logo on his helmet? Rest assured that there are much more blatant examples in this set, which I for one have no earthly desire to collect. See you in another life, Upper Deck.


Orioles Magic said...

But at least it was good for us autograph collectors. This is currently Justin's only O's card!

Kevin said...

Ryan - According to eBay, he's got a Topps Finest card too. But who buys those? ;)