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Friday, May 28, 2010

Vintage Fridays: Frank Robinson, 1972 Topps #88

As mentioned yesterday, I am now miles away from my computer and likely up in the Pennsylvanian mountains without Internet access. So here is a pre-scheduled Frank Robinson weekend, kicking off with an impressive tri-player league leader card from "The Psychedelic Tombstone Set", as Night Owl calls it. You know of course that Harmon Killebrew and Frank Robinson are Hall of Famers, having combined for 1159 home runs in their long and illustrious careers. But Reggie Smith was no slouch - a seven-time All-Star who once won a Gold Glove as an outfielder. He played for 17 seasons, batting .287 with a .366 on-base percentage, 314 home runs and 1092 RBI. As for the 1971 RBI race, it wasn't much of a contest. "Killer" was the only American Leaguer to drive in 100 runners (119 to be exact). Robby was left in his dust, runnering-up with 99; to be fair, injuries limited him to 133 games. Frank's two most popular Oriole teammates, Boog Powell and Brooks Robinson, tied for sixth overall with 92 RBI apiece.

For each of the next two days, I will publish a scan of a fantastic modern-day Frank Robinson card without commentary. I'm going to allow the pretty pictures to speak for themselves...and give me a little break. See you Monday!

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