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Monday, January 24, 2011

Leo Gomez, 1993 Pinnacle #351

You can tell from the long-sleeved undershirts being worn by Leo Gomez and the Tigers players in the visiting dugout that this photograph was taken at a cold-weather game. But I can safely say that I would gladly take an overcast, chilly April day right about now. For the past few days, it's been turribly cold in Baltimore. Cold enough that I am unable to think in complete sentences while outdoors, to borrow a bit from comedian Lewis Black. When I got up for work at six this morning, it was nine degrees. Nine. I don't like being able to count the temperature on my fingers. While I am grateful for the little things, like the fact that my ancient car is still starting up on the first try, or that my house has heat, it doesn't make it easier to hoist oneself out from under the warmth of a feather comforter while it's still dark outside. I have lost my admittedly small reserve of patience for winter, and would love nothing more than to make a fleeting escape to San Diego to visit friends. Unfortunately said friends are booked solid for the rest of the winter. Maybe I should plan a Spring Training excursion to Sarasota for February or March. Whaddaya say?


Chris said...

As a former Marylander now in Michigan, I have to say your weather report makes my job hunt in the Baltimore area even MORE enticing. -12 two mornings ago. 21 bonus degrees sound fantastic. I think the reason the Tigers only make a deep run every 20-25 years is because, frankly, nobody wants to play in Tiger Stadium or Comerica Park in October! April isn't pleasant either.

William said...

It was 3 yesterday morning here in Lancaster.

Kevin said...

Chris and William - Thanks for the reminders that it could be worse! Fellow blogger night owl reported than it was in the -20s in upstate New York.