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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eddie Murray, 1987 Topps #120

Until reader Drew made mention of it in the comments to Tuesday's post, I had completely forgotten that Eddie Murray had appeared in glasses on a baseball card. I'm not quite seasoned enough to remember a time when he wore glasses, and off the top of my head I can't remember seeing any other photos or cards where he sported this look. Was it a short-lived experiment? Did he usually wear contact lenses? Help me out, folks. At any rate, I'm grateful that Eddie didn't keep it up. Even he couldn't make those oversized wire frames look intimidating.


night owl said...

I can't recall an instant when Murray wore eyeglasses. This card looks weird to me every time.

Rob said...

I have a couple of pics of him in them circa 1986/7 from a game I went to in Seattle. He wore them during warm ups, but I don't think he'd wear them during the game.

Kevin said...

Greg - You and me both. Might be my least favorite Eddie card.

Rob - Thanks!

Commishbob said...

But he's the baddestass of all badasses that ever wore glasses while badassing.

Chris said...

I vaguely remember one or two pictures of Eddie in specs, this card being one. They were all stills though, as I'm too young to remember Mr. Murray prior to his Indians days and O's 2nd go around.
Wish I could remember the other.

I have always wondered though, what those garbage bag looking undershirts were. I've never seen them outside of old cards and videos, and always thought they looked wildly uncomfortable.