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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adam Jones, 2010 Bowman Gold #187

One of my favorite elements of a baseball card photo is some sort of visual indicator of the stadium in which the game is being played. It's pretty clear here that the extensive green wall and adjacent utility door are landmarks of Boston's Fenway Park. Judging from the shadows and Adam Jones' shades, I'd say that it's a day game. The only Fenway day game in which AJ recorded a putout in 2009 was on Sunday, July 26. In fact, he caught five fly balls that day as David Hernandez pitched seven strong five-hit innings and topped John Smoltz and the Red Sox 6-2. Jones had a rough day at the plate (0-for-5), but Nick Markakis picked him up with a double, a home run, and three RBI. Brian Roberts set the pace with two singles and two walks from the leadoff spot. Believe it or not, that was the only game the O's won in Beantown two years ago, and one of just two wins in their 18-game season series against the Sawx. Don't worry; they've been lulling Boston into a false sense of security all these years and in 2011 they're going to strike. This orange Kool-Aid is delicious...

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