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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mike Bordick, 1997 Collector's Choice #274

Here's autograph number two from yesterday. My sister procured Mike Bordick's signature as well as Jason Berken's. I've already posted the only Berken card that I own, so I'll post the autographed scan below.
As you can see, Mike Bordick's John Hancock isn't quite as legible as Craig Tatum's, but it is leaps and bounds better than Berken. It's worth noting that Berken looked much thinner than I had remembered, and it so happens that he adopted a more healthy diet and lost thirty pounds this offseason. Hopefully that helps him to stay on the field in 2011.

I mentioned on Friday that the main attraction for my sister was pitcher Brian Matusz, and he was caught off guard when she handed him a replica of his own #17 jersey to sign. "Is it alright if I sign on the number?" He asked. "I don't think I've ever done a jersey." He placed his autograph on the top of the "7", and it looks pretty sharp if I say so myself. Matusz apparently has a lot to learn about this sort of thing. While my sister was waiting in line, she overheard Berken telling the lefthander that he was actually signing the back of his photo postcards instead of the front. Brian flipped one of the cards over and realized his mistake, and also remarked upon how good the photo looked. I guess players do pay attention to those kinds of things. Take note, card manufacturers.


Randy said...

Kevin, Is the Berken card the first to make a comeback appearance on your blog? If not, is it the quickest comeback? Glad to see the auto on the card. It is fun to see how a card just sitting in my dupes box now has a history. Take care.

Kevin said...

Randy - I believe this is the first recurring card on the blog. I find it funny that Berken has never appeared on a Topps card except for this insert. Even though he had a rough rookie season in 2009, they usually roll out a rookie card for every Manny, Moe, and Jack.

Chris said...

Kevin, talk about a coincidence! My younger brother was in line for Matusz that day too, and he got his jersey signed by the left hander as well! Just thought you might like to know. As always, your blog is a great read.