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Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage Fridays: Vern Stephens, 1954 Topps #54

Of all of the cards that I own, this battered 56-year-old Vern Stephens may be the most badly worn of them all. Similarly, my girlfriend is in pretty rough shape right about now. She threw out her back earlier this week. Then today, her sister twisted her ankle. Meanwhile, their parents are stuck in France, grounded by an ash cloud from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. What are the odds?

Long story short, I have swooped down to Southern Maryland on little notice to lend a helping hand. Nothing is bringing ol' Vern back from the collector's hinterlands, but I can be of use in the latter situation.


William said...

So KB is also romantic as well? That's sweet. I'm envisioning you fanning her with a large palm frond while she sips lemonade with one of those umbrellas in it; perhaps MASN will be on to even out the deal.

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...


I hope your girlfriend does not read this post. She may be less than thrilled about your comparison of her to the crumpled piece of cardboard formerly known as Vern Stephens.

Kevin said...

William - The way they've been playing, I'd just as soon not watch MASN.

Tim - I'd considered that...she doesn't really read the blog, but thanks for spelling it out for her if she does. ;)