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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mike Devereaux, 1993 Topps #741

You'll forgive me if I want to focus more on cards in and of themselves rather than turning the conversation to current on-the-field happenings. One of the most consistently enjoyable blogs that I read is Night Owl Cards, the domain of Dodger fan Greg. Yesterday he posted a photo essay exploring his affinity for horizontally-oriented photos on cards. I'm generally not a fan of them myself - flipping through a binder and seeing a number of cards facing to the side is kind of annoying and disorienting. But I'm willing to make exceptions if the photo justifies the format. This Mike Devereaux card is a good one, allowing the bat draped across Devo's shoulders to be fully seen without cropping. The use of lighting and contrast in what I assume is an indoor batting cage is just plain cool. I'm so accustomed to this card that it just wouldn't look right if it were vertical, personal biases be damned.

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