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Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Fridays: Albie Pearson, 1960 Topps #241

I've featured some of the larger players in Orioles history, but never the smallest. Listed at 5'5" and 141 pounds, Albie Pearson (referred to as "little Albie" on this card back) was four inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than Brian Roberts, who I tend to think of as a tiny sprite of a man as far as modern-day players go. He is a full foot shorter and 180 pounds lighter than Walter Young (the heaviest all-time Oriole), and sixteen inches shorter than current O's reliever and former NBA player Mark Hendrickson. But you get the point. In spite of his size, Albie was the 1958 Rookie of the Year with the Senators and played in the majors for nine seasons, hitting .270 with a .369 on-base percentage. So hats off to him.

Oh, and FYI - the gentleman in #24 who is standing behind Albie is pitcher Arnie Portocarrero, who was 6'3" and 196 pounds. Pearson was probably grateful that he was standing so deep in the background when this photo was taken.


Doug C. said...

Wow, great card. I'm trying to guess where the picture was taken - looks like the Orioles are on the road. My guesses would be Detroit, Chicago or Washington (Griffith Stadium at that time, I think). Can anyone tell?

Commish said...

I'm thinking Detroit but I sure wouldn't gamble much on that hunch. That is a great card. I remember when I was a kid how much I liked those gold colored backs.

Kevin said...

Doug and Bob - Hmm...maybe Detroit. The facades do look blue.