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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mickey Tettleton, 1991 Score #270

It's just another lazy Sunday, so I thought I'd show off another one of the autographs that I collected at Friday night's game. I actually had a method to my madness when it came to choosing the cards that I would have those four players sign. I wanted them to be cards that were visually interesting to me, but at the same time I didn't want to use cards that I'd already featured on this blog. That way I could share them with you without engendering a sense of deja vu.

Of course, most of Mickey Tettleton's Orioles cards show him at bat, since that was what he did best on a baseball field. But nothing tops a good action shot of a catcher in all of his gear. I like this card because of the sideways angle, with Mickey ripping off his mask and springing out in front of the plate in probable anticipation of a throw home. He might even be shouting instructions to the pitcher or an infielder. We can also see that the photo was taken at Fenway Park, as Red Sox outfielder Mike Greenwell stands idly by in the background. So really, you get an action shot and an inaction shot all in one picture.

Mickey's got a fairly distinctive and reasonably legible signature. It's dominated by the "M", the "Y" (which seems to have loops both on top and bottom, unless the top loop is a "K"), the first "T", and the "L". He was considerate enough to place his signature so as to not obscure either his own face or Greenwell's blurry face, and that's a nice sort of touch.


Orioles Magic said...

Very cool man, I actually picked this same card for Mickey to sign. I've been loving those alumni signings this season.

William said...

Mickey Tettleton's batting stance was the coolest ever. I loved imitating it during backyard baseball games as a kid.

Kevin said...

Orioles Magic - I wish I'd made it to a few other alumni games this year.

William - Cooler than Tony Batista? Oh...yeah.