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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rodrigo Lopez, 2003 Donruss #91

This photo of Rodrigo Lopez is shot from a low angle that's not very common in baseball cards, but has sort of a throwback feel to it. He seems to be warming up on the side of the field prior to a road start, but I suppose he could just be posing for the Donruss paparazzi. The most visually arresting aspect of the picture, though, is the bright, impossibly blue sky rising up from the upper deck of the stadium. When it comes to digital manipulation of images you can never put anything past the brain trust at baseball card companies, but I would really like to think that Donruss played it straight here. After all, why bother with such shenanigans on a base card of a decent (but not extraordinary) rookie pitcher? Sometimes, the sky is blue and that's enough.


FreeTheBirds said...

Because the sky is blue
it makes me cry
because the sky is blue

ah, ah, ah, ah...

jacobmrley said...

goodbye blue sky.
goodbye blue sky.

Stacey said...

There'll be blue skies
over Dundalk
when I break your heart

Kevin said...

What, no "Mr. Blue Sky"? No love for ELO?