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Thursday, August 27, 2009

B. J. Surhoff, 2000 Pacific Private Stock #17

If you haven't already, you should book Baseball-Reference's Blog and Stat of the Day. You can also follow along on Twitter, if you are so inclined. They posted a list yesterday that caught my eye. Vladimir Guerrero had just collected his 1,000th hit as an Angel, making him one of 13 players in baseball history to reach that mark for two different teams (of course, his first 1,215 hits were with the Expos). On this fairly exclusive list, there were two Orioles: Rafael Palmeiro (1,692 with the Rangers and 1,071 with the Birds) and B. J. Surhoff (1,064 hits with the Brewers and 1,072 with the O's). This is a fun bit of trivia that becomes even more interesting because the two were teammates in Baltimore from 1996-1998 and 2004-2005. Of course, you can also see that Surhoff finished his career with exactly one more hit in orange and black than Raffy. Palmeiro almost certainly would have overtaken B. J. if he hadn't wandered away from the team with a month left in the 2005 season. Why did he bail on the team, anyway? Oh, yeah.


William said...

B.J. Surhoff is one of those guys that had a deceptively good career. When you're steady and play for a while, your final stats tend to be forgotten (Todd Zeile and Ray Durham, anybody?)

Kevin said...

William - Agreed. Garret Anderson comes to mind; he has nearly 2500 hits and a .296 career average. Who knew?