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Saturday, August 8, 2009

David Johnson, 1991 Crown/Coca-Cola All-Time Orioles #226

This card comes by request of William...although I'd been leaning this way anyway. Now I've hit the Dave Johnson trifecta in the past three days. I can safely say that the Orioles are the only MLB team to have three David Johnsons:

David Allen Johnson was a second baseman from 1965-1972.

David Charles Johnson was a righthanded pitcher from 1974-1975.

David Wayne Johnson was a righthanded pitcher from 1989-1991.

Any questions?


jacobmrley said...

did John Davidson ever pitch with the O's, then you could really mix it up...

Shane said...

That is a serious mustache. I think you could use it as a letter opener! BTW I loved the three David Johnsons :) Very cute.

William said...

hahahaha I was being fecetious, but good job!

Kevin said...

Max - Sadly, no.

Shane - Hmm, I think you've discovered a new use for mustaches.

William - Hey, any time you make a suggestion in the comments, you do so at your own risk.