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Monday, August 3, 2009

Brady Anderson, 1994 Pinnacle #165

I'm back in Baltimore in one piece, though my ears still haven't popped from the plane. What better way to celebrate my return than with a card that shows all the creature comforts of Oriole Park at Camden Yards? Brady Anderson is going all out, leaping at the center field wall to rob a home run in front of the Baltimore bullpen. You can just make out the Giant Foods sign behind the two onlooking O's relievers (Mike Oquist in the foreground, and probably Alan Mills behind him). You can also see a bit of the classy ivy wall that serves as the batters' eye, a loving wink to Wrigley Field. I can look at this card and know that I'm home.

Of course, having checked the box scores every morning during my vacation, and listening to some of tonight's game on XM Radio on the plane ride home, I probably should have stayed away a bit longer for my own mental well-being.


Dave said...

It's hard for me to look at that card and not think of Jeffrey Maier. Still to this day the incident hurts me and still to this day I wonder how the team would be different today if it had never happened.

Kevin said...

Dave - Tell me about it! During the O's most recent series in the new Yankee Stadium, a fan reached over the RF fence, but Markakis still caught the ball. So I was subjected to the damned Maier replay several more times on MASN and ESPN. Ugh.