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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nellie Briles, 1991 Crown/Coca-Cola All-Time Orioles #52

Happy 27th birthday to me! But I like to share the wealth, so I'll also be wishing happy birthday to several MLB players of past and present who had the good sense to be born on August 5:


jacobmrley said...

"way back" Wasdin is a shame, but made all the better by the inclusion of the very classy John Olerud. Bernie Carbo and Tommy Aaron are pretty nice as well.

I get Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell and Todd Hundley to share my birthday, along with the weirdest list of NFL players you ever saw.

jacobmrley said...

p.s. oh yeah, and happy birthday!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday...nice set of nobodys share my birthday as well.

Jim said...

Happy birthday and here's hoping for an afternoon win against the Tigers for my favorite American League team.

Kevin said...

Max - Thanks! As for John Wasdin, I believe ESPN's Bill Simmons used to call him "the Blair Wasdin Project". A dated joke now, but gets the point across. He was an Oriole for a blink.

Brian - Haha, you can say that again. Oh well, with Olerud, Crawford, and Mulder, I have 1/3 of a good lineup.

Jim - I'll drink to that.

FreeTheBirds said...

Happy Birthday!

My shared birthday list stinks.