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Monday, January 21, 2008

Jeff Tackett, 1995 Stadium Club #168

Jeff Tackett, mid-1990s backup catcher du jour, was also the go-to guy for politically themed movies during that era. It may be a surprise to newer baseball fans, but Baltimore was once the place to be for the President of the United States on Opening Day. After the Senators left for Texas following the 1971 season, the Orioles were the closest team to the White House for over three decades. With that in mind, the movies Bob Roberts (1992) and Dave (1993) each depicted the Commander in Chief character throwing out the first pitch at Camden Yards to an O's catcher. As you may have guessed, none other than Jeff Tackett was up to the task on both occasions.

To be honest with you, I haven't seen either movie. I'm much more eager to talk about this glorious card, which I have titled, "Mullet of Fury". I bought pack after pack of 1995 Stadium Club, mostly for the beautiful photography, vibrant colors, and classy design (at least on the front). On this card, we see one of the marginalized role players of the team taking a quiet moment to strap on the tools of ignorance. He is stoic and proud, his carefully trimmed mullet glistening in the afternoon sun. Truly, Jeff Tackett defines "business in the front, party in the back"...and yet, somehow it seems to be "business in the front, slightly less business in the back".


Uglee Card said...

The two-tone mullet. Man walks on the moon. I've seen it all now, brother.

William said...

I guarantee you this was one of the games I went to where he played instead of Mr. Hoiles.