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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage Fridays: Mike Anderson, 1979 Topps #102

Have you ever seen a cheesier airbrush job on an Orioles card than this paint-by-numbers treatment of reserve outfielder Mike Anderson? Sure, the dude only hit .094 in 32 at-bats in Charm City, but he still deserved better. As long as they were making cosmetic touches to Mike's photo, they could have done something to make him look less seedy. If I had been a little'un in 1979 and I pulled this card out of a pack, it would have given me the serious heebie-jeebies. Can any of my older readers confirm any feelings of unease associate with this card? Have at it in the comments.


Jim from Downingtown said...

I didn't realize this was an airbrushed card. Topps shouldn't have bothered - in 1979 Anderson was back with the Phillies.

Commish said...

Phils had a real 'thing' for him didn't they. Drafted him and signed him off waivers twice!

Hey the guy actually struck out two batters in an inning of work as a pitcher in '79. Maybe he was trying to play the wrong position all that time.

Kevin said...

Jim - To think that Topps made sure that Mike Anderson got a card with the Orioles, but they never got around to Reggie Jackson...

Bob - I wonder if he threw a knuckleball.

Dave said...

To be honest, that's a pretty good O's airbrush job compared to, say:
--Earl Williams 1973
--Ross Grimsley 1975
--Jim Northrup 1975
--Bob Oliver 1975

For some of my all-time faves, though (non-O's) you'd have to go back to 1971. If you get the chance, check these out:
Dick Williams #714
Mike Marshall #713
Fred Lasher #707
Don O'Riley #679
Gerry Janeski #673
and my all-time fave,
Gene Brabender #666

Kevin said...

Dave - Upon closer inspection, I'd go with Northrup as the worst. Not only is the Bird lousy looking, it looks pixellated somehow.

Dan H said...

He was one of my favorite players. I dressed up as him one Halloween. Good times!

fred b said...

I agree with Dave on the 1971 Mike Marshall...That card was stunning...The O'Riley thing looked just plain stupid, but the Mike Marshall card is in a class by itself...