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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roger McDowell, 1996 Fleer Update #U4

I've written in the past about Moe Drabowsky and some of his legendary pranks, but fellow relief pitcher Roger McDowell could have given him a real run for his money. Aside from the usual hot-foots (hot-feet?) and firecrackers, he was revealed on a memorable episode of Seinfeld as the spitter in the grassy knoll who launched a magic loogie onto Kramer and Newman. Here are some of his other greatest hits:

-During a nationally televised game in 1987, he appeared in the dugout with his pants over his head and his jersey on his lower body and shoes on his hands.

-After the Mets traded him to Philadelphia, the two teams played a spring training game in 1990. Roger tried to get a hold of a Mets uniform and sneak into their bullpen, but was unsuccessful.

-Once performed in an on-field mariachi band while with the Dodgers in 1991.

-In another incident from his Dodger days, he took the field with several pieces of sandpaper sticking out of various openings in his uniform and wore a full tool belt. You can see a picture of it here.

Did I miss any?


TTG said...

Oh, Roger was the best at providing levity.

night owl said...

His tool belt caper was captured on a Triple Play card.

I'm surprised you were able to find a card of McDowell behaving "normally." On most of his Dodger cards he's definitely not.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I had forgotten that he was such a jokester. I wonder if he still pulls any pranks since he's the Braves pitching coach?

Kevin said...

TTG - Agreed.

night owl - He'd just joined the Orioles in 1996. Fleer probably rushed to get a spring training shot of him. I always think of his 1993 Upper Deck card, where he's got the headband and shades and "Lasorda U" tee shirt.

Ryan - I'd have to imagine that he works in some jokes and jabs with his pitching advice.

Brian said...

What about his Rock n Jock appearances on MTV.

Kevin said...

Brian - I used to love those softball games. One year, an adolescent Prince Fielder tore it up. It was something to see at the time, and is cool to think about in hindsight.