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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brian Roberts, 2006 Topps Opening Day SI for Kids #24

Regrettably, this "Funny Photo" isn't actually all that funny - unless, of course, an evening with Dave Coulier is your idea of a hilarious good time. (If it is, please don't tell me. I don't want to know.)

To compound my annoyance with this card, the photo was taken during an Orioles loss: May 29, 2005. On a Sunday afternoon, the O's took a 6-1 lead over the Tigers on the strength of a five-run outburst in the fifth inning. This picture comes from that rally. B. J. Surhoff has just smoked a line drive to right field for the last triple of his long career. I suspect that he took third base on the throw home, which was gathered up by catcher Vance Wilson, who lunged at the feet of Brian Roberts in vain. Jeff Fiorentino and Roberts scored to make it 3-1.

Like so many games in recent years, this one came unraveled late with the help of some overpaid veteran relievers. The regrettable Steves of '05 did the trick in a six-run Detroit seventh, with Steve Reed coughing up five runs in the span of five batters and capping his gasoline act by serving up a three-run homer to the vaunted Craig Monroe. Dumpy Steve Kline followed Reed to the mound because misery loves company, and allowed the Tigers to tack on an insurance run. Baltimore's bats went cold in a hurry, and they found themselves on the wrong end of an 8-6 loss and a three-game series sweep. It was a grim portent for the first-place O's, who would relinquish their lead a month later and just keep on sliding.

So no, this photo doesn't amuse me. I would have gone with a Homer Simpson quote myself, but I suppose "Out of my way, jerkass!" would be taboo in a set aimed at young collectors.


jacobmrley said...

cut. it. out. *punctuated with mindless hand gestures*

off topic: fabulous picture from SI:


Kevin said...

Max - That is a fantastic picture! I hope that the current batch of young arms might someday come close to those guys.