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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brian Roberts, 2003 Donruss Classics #62

The border and background of this card are gray with gradients that blend into blinding white, giving the illusion that Brian Roberts is taking his hacks in the middle of a snowstorm. Tomorrow promises to bring the third significant snowfall to the state of Maryland in the span of a week, and this one should dwarf the others (16-24 inches total). I'm no fan of winter anyway, and these frequent weekend whiteouts are really starting to cramp my style. I'm trying to beat Mother Nature down to Calvert County early tomorrow afternoon, and I'm agonizing over when to leave work, assuming that they don't close the building altogether...they won't. Seriously, winter, cut it out already.

This song has been in my head all day, and I think it's kind of apt. So take it away, Richard Shindell:


Aaron said...

I'm not looking forward to 24 inches of snow, though I would enjoy getting a three day weekend out of it.

Kevin said...

Aaron - How's a five-day weekend sound?