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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dave Schmidt, 2004 Maryland Lottery #25

The blog has taken on a throwback flavor this week, as the 2015 O's have had a week to forget. Tonight, I'm amused by the inclusion of Dave Schmidt in the Maryland Lottery's 50th Anniversary Orioles card set. He sticks way out among the likes of Cal, Eddie, Cakes, Brooksie, Frank, Boog, Earl, Little Looie, Brady, Flanny, Tippy, and such, and the tidbit on the back only makes it more obvious. After all, the card reminds us, he was the only Baltimore pitcher to have a winning record in both the 1987 and 1988 seasons. That's like being the smartest of the Three Stooges, isn't it? Oh, but Dave also had a career walk rate of 2.4 per nine innings, we're told. Greg Maddux was at 1.8, and Jeremy Guthrie was at 2.6, with Daniel Cabrera at 5.2, if you want some pointless frames of reference. But hey, I guess it's good to toss in a curveball among the usual suspects.

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