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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Fridays: Eddie Murray, 1980 Kellogg's #24

In honor of Eddie Murray's 56th birthday (and Honus Wagner's 138th), I think that February 24 should be a national day of recognition for beastly men everywhere. On Like a Boss Day, it would be your duty to ask yourself one question: What Would Eddie Do? Then you would act accordingly. Go to the zoo and pick a fight with a lion. Repair your neighbor's roof with nothing but a box of toothpicks and a children's glue stick. Balance the country's budget while reciting Shakespeare.

...Or maybe just think about how outstanding Eddie Murray is. Many happy returns, 33.


Dennis said...

That Murray card is awesome...as most Murray cards tend to be.

Kevin said...

Dennis - Amen. When you consider that it's a third-year Eddie card and a 3-D cereal prize...it's the trifecta of awesome.