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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cal Ripken, Jr., 1990 Fleer #634

"Okay, Tony, stand right there with your arms awkwardly hanging to the sides. And Cal, can you stand as far away from him as you possibly can while maintaining the illusion that you're actually touching? That's perfect! Now, if you could just glance to your right with an expression that seems to say, 'I would rather be literally anywhere other than here' - oh, you're way ahead of me! Yes, wonderful! This will be the centerpiece of my study in ballplayers who would never hang out together in real life."


1967ers said...

Curious that they're both in their home uniforms, too.

Rob said...

All Star Game?

Rounding Thirty 3rd said...

Rob, I would guess photo-shopped. Tony's left sleeve is in front of Cal's right arm, but Cal's hand is in front of Tony's. In addition, the shadows on Cal's arm don't make any sense with this picture.

Kevin said...

I figured it was an All-Star Game, since the stadium is neither SkyDome nor Memorial Stadium. It could be Anaheim, the site of the 1989 ASG. Tim's right about the odd juxtaposition of their arms and hands, but it could be a weird perspective.