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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Juan Guzman, 1999 Topps #309

This is kind of an odd photo. Is that Juan Guzman's actual pitching motion? It doesn't seem like he'd be able to generate much velocity if his front foot was already on the ground before the ball was released. I'm guessing that he was playing long toss between innings, or maybe he's intentionally walking the batter. Hell, maybe he's lobbing an eephus pitch to throw the batter off-balance. Whatever he's doing, it looks like there are about five fans there to witness it.


Cory said...

He had really long fingers and his 12 to 6 fell off the table with what seemed liked little effort.

Kevin said...

Cory - Thanks for the input! I myself don't remember watching Juan pitch, especially after he left Toronto. Maybe I'll go seek out some video.