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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chris Sabo, 1994 Pinnacle #490

You can't tell me that the folks at the card companies didn't get a kick out of Chris Sabo's Rec-Specs just like the rest of us did. Why, Pinnacle's photographer even tried to give them a little free advertising. I spent a few moments gazing deep into Sabo's lenses in this photo to see if I could puzzle out the reflected image, but all that I could make out was the white chalk outline of the base path. I'd give it a second try, but to spend too much time in those shatterproof oracles is an invitation to madness. Beware.


jacobmrley said...

Sabo came around like 3 years too late for me. It was 1985 when I got glasses and I had to wear the rec-specs to play ball. Needless to say, the heartless taunts of the other 10 year olds still ring in my ears from time to time. By 1988, suddenly the rec-specs had some street cred thanks to Spuds. My cousin, who is a few years younger than me, wore them with pride and without fear. Sigh.

Kevin said...

Max - It probably still beat wearing glasses. When I was in little league I had these huge round John Lennon frames that were too big for my face. That's probably why I was a sub-Mendoza hitter...it had nothing to do with my utter lack of motor skills. Yep.