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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eddie Murray, 2012 Dave Campbell #NNO

I have never featured a custom card on this blog, but this masterpiece is more than worthy of being the first. This was painted by fellow card blogger Dave Campbell, a.k.a. dayf, a.k.a. the Cardboard Junkie. I knew that Dave was sending me a couple needs off of my most-wanted list - the long-awaited Tim Raines, Sr. 2002 Fleer Tradition short-print and Carlos Mendez' rookie card from 2003 Fleer Tradition Update. But he snuck this excellent reproduction of Eddie Murray's 1978 Topps rookie card into the envelope as well, and I was blown away when I found it. All that Dave asked for in return was for me to draw him something - anything. Wow, I guess the pressure is on! Oh, and for comparison's sake, I'll drop in a scan of Eddie's actual rookie card below. Pretty damned good, I must say. Thanks, Dave!