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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Albert Belle, 2001 Donruss Elite #56

It's no secret that we're all getting older. It just seems like some of us get to "old" a lot quicker than others. The last time I saw Albert Belle, he looked something like this. That was roundabouts 2000, when he played his final game for the Orioles before abruptly retiring due to an arthritic hip. But earlier this week, he re-emerged at Indians camp at the urging of ex-teammates Kenny Lofton, Carlos Baerga, and Sandy Alomar, Jr. Though Albert looks a lot more at ease than he ever did during his playing days, he also looks closer to 55 than 45, his actual age. See for yourself. Suddenly I feel silly for fretting over my upcoming 30th birthday and the increasing flecks of gray in my hair. Of course, the yin to Belle's yang is Lofton, who doesn't look much different at 44 than he did at 24. Some guys have all the luck.

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