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Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Fridays: Curt Blefary, 1966 Topps #460

Wow, this is the second straight Vintage Friday that I've posted on a Saturday. I must really be slipping. In my defense, I didn't arrive home from the Capital Fringe Festival until nearly 1:00 AM this morning. I had load-in for my play at 2:30, followed by our performance at 6:00 (it went very well, thanks for asking), followed by a couple other friends' shows at 8:15 (Sisters of Ellery Hollow) and 10:15 (The Road to Nowhere). I heartily recommend both, if you're so inclined. But I'm rambling.

Today's tardy vintage card was helpfully improved upon by a previous owner. He or she realized that Topps was selling Curt Blefary's defensive prowess and versatility short by designating him as "just an outfielder". He wasn't any old outfielder, he was a left fielder, by god. His talents didn't end there, either. He could play first base in a pinch as well! Isn't that something?

Of course, that's not the half of it. Over the course of his career, Curt also logged time in right field, at catcher (however reluctantly), second base, and third base. But as our unknown editor has rightly noted, he got most of his playing time at first and in left. It's worth noting that there were two separate seasons in Blefary's career in which he played exclusively at those two positions: his sophomore year of 1966, and 1969 (his first year in Houston).


Jim from Downingtown said...

Heh, I used to do that with some of my 1960s' football cards. (I mean, how are you supposed to know if they played offense or defense if the card just says 'Tackle' ?)

Kevin said...

Jim - You make a good point. That would be like classifying running backs and DBs both as "back".