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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adam Jones, 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter #264

Okay, the rules are out, so let the wild Gint-A-Cuffs rumpus begin! I'm going to try to knock this out in four posts this week, six packs per post. Onward and upward!


CB-5 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Highlights Cabinet Card: A-Rod Does It A-Gain, for the 600th Time - Bleah. Not the kind of start I wanted. This one is up for trade, Yankee fans. That's +8 for the Cabinet, -1 for the Yankee = 7 points


229 Juan Pierre
250 Ichiro - I'm surprised none of the participants picked Ichiro as their favorite player. East Coast Bias?
197 Jay Bruce +2 Other favorite player
153 Scott Cousins - BONECRUSHER!
324 Domonic Brown SP Code Card +2 short print, +3 Ginter Code = +5 total
BHS-10 Ryan Howard Baseball Highlight Sketches +3
312 Cody Ross SP Mini Base +3 short print mini parallel
HH36 Gordon Beckham Hometown Heroes (Atlanta, GA) +1 I can't believe there's not a single freaking Oriole in this whole 100-card insert set. I mean, did the world need another Slobba Chamberlain card?

Pack 1 Total = 14 points. Box Total = 21 points. That was a damn good pack, I think. I certainly wouldn't have expected it after leading off with Juan Pierre.


90 Roy Halladay - I have Roy on my fantasy team. Adam Jones said he was glad that Doc isn't in the A.L. East any more, and I would agree with him.
185 Justin Upton
23 Aubrey Huff 
31 Jimmy Rollins - Sheesh, I should have picked the Phillies as my favorite team.
10 Miguel Cabrera
21 Logan Morrison Code +3 Ginter Code
123 Rajai Davis Mini A&G Back +2
#HH65 Adrian Gonzalez Hometown Heroes (Chula Vista, CA) +1 Hometown Heroes, +2 Favorite Player = +3 total. I've been to Chula Vista. Had my first-ever In n' Out Burger there. Delicious.

Pack 2 Total = 8 points. Box Total = 29 points. A bit of a downturn there.


130 Robinson Cano -1 Yankees player. Aww, ratfarts.
220 Prince Fielder
102 Wandy Rodriguez
83 Mat Hoffman - A BMX stunt rider. He lost the second "t" in a nasty accident.
272 Wee Man - If he was French, would he be Oui Man?
302 John Buck SP +2 short print
126 Jair Jurrjens Mini A&G Back +2 - I think it's impossible to say his name without sounding drunk. Try it!
FF5 Sovereign of the Seas +2 Floating Fortresses

Pack 3 Total = 5 points. Box Total = 34 points. Stupid rassumfrassum Yankees.


252 Omar Infante
137 Carlos Beltran
264 Adam Jones +1 Favorite Team, +4 My Favorite Player = +5 total. Thanks a bunch, Dr. Jones!
286 Cory Luebke
151 Brandon Beachy - Hacky headline writers must love this guy.
343 Drew Stubbs SP +2 Short Print
WMF1 Rasputin World's Most Mysterious Figures Mini +3 As a bearded man myself, this is an early entry for my favorite card in the set. Glorious.
HH56 Brett Anderson Hometown Heroes (Stillwater, OK) +1

Pack 4 Total = 11 points. Box Total = 45 points. Knowing my luck with pulling Orioles, it's amazing that Adam Jones was in this box. I would've looked really dumb if I failed to get my designated favorite.


98 Jason Bay
18 Daniel Hudson - My high school physics teacher was named Dan Hudson. He was a squirrelly little guy with shoulder-length hair. He looked so young (he was 26 at the time) that the lunch ladies didn't believe he was a teacher.
260 Alex Rodriguez -1 Yankees - Turds!
28 John Lindsey - I think it's awesome that this guy, who made his big league debut last year at age 33, gets an A&G card.
149 Lars Anderson RC
#BHS-3 Starlin Castro Baseball Highlight Sketches +2 Other favorite player, +3 Baseball Highlight Sketches = +5 total
AP2 Mountain Gorilla Animals in Peril Mini +3 I got Rasputin and a gorilla in consecutive packs. The rest of this box is gravy.
HH74 Jayson Werth Hometown Heroes (Springfield, IL) +1 Did you hear that a DC-area bar is selling draft beers for prices equal to Werth's batting average? $2.18 is almost a good price for a Bud.

Pack 5 Total = 8 points. Box Total = 53 points. As if I needed another reason to despise the Yankees.


297 Travis Hafner
17 Jonathan Papelbon - I hate this guy so much, I'm tempted to deduct points from myself.
25 Nelson Cruz
60 Brandon Belt RC -The Giants playing Huff over Belt is about as dumb as the Orioles playing Felix Pie over Nolan Reimold.
188 Daniel Descalso RC
113 Miguel Montero Code +3 Ginter Code
149 Lars Anderson RC Mini Base - Rookie card hot pack!
HH26 Torii Hunter Hometown Heroes (Pine Bluff, AR) +1

Pack 6 Total = 4 Points. Box Total = 57 Points. Woof.

Alright, I've fallen behind in my blog-reading, so I have no idea where I stand at the quarter-point of my Gint-A-Cuffs entry. I guess that's just more suspense!


Commishbob said...

That was a killer first pack, Kevin.

Hey, you interested in the Papelbon Relic that I pulled?


Kevin said...

Bob - Very funny. I'd only be interested in the Papelbon relic if I knew voodoo.