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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leo Gomez, 1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #255

Well, I am exhausted, but for the right reasons. I took a day off of work to drive down to Kings Dominion with my sister, my cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend. Lest you question my sanity too much, rest assured that the trip was planned before this triple-digit heatwave slammed the Mid-Atlantic. That said, we spent a few brutal hours in the early afternoon sweating buckets as we knocked out all of the roller coasters: the Anaconda, the Volcano, the Shock Wave, and of course the Intimidator 305, the Dale Earnhardt-themed coaster that climbs to 305 feet in the air before dropping at an 85 degree angle. (I would question the propriety of the ride's theme, considering Earnhardt's gruesome death in a high-impact collision during a NASCAR race, but what do I know?)

The most enjoyable part of the day was the few hours we spent on the water rides. I made the conscious decision to just wear my shirt and shorts as I got thoroughly drenched on water slides, and I was much more comfortable spending the rest of the day walking the park in soggy clothes than you would probably imagine. Driving two and a half hours home was another story.

Nothing insightful here tonight. I just grabbed this card because I noticed the reflection of Leo Gomez's flip-up shades peeking out on the shoudler of his jersey, and thought it was a cool effect. You can also make out his number 10 written in black ink on white tape on the band of the shades.


Ryan H said...

I can only imagine how hot is was there with all of the asphalt pathways. I used to work there as a teenager and to this day it was the best job I ever had!

Commishbob said...

Leo G. is managing at the O's Delmarva Short Season A level and on his staff is Scott McGregor and one of his pitchers is Jake Cowen, the son of a good friend of mine.

Jake is on rehab assignment there after shoulder surgery last summer. He's had his ups and downs on the mound this season but is throwing very well at this point in his rehab. He's way ahead of schedule physically.

Kevin said...

Ryan - I'm glad you enjoyed that job, I was sympathetic for the employees I came across during my visit. Even the cement pathways in the water park were scorching - I was walking those barefoot!

Bob - I'm not used to hearing that a pitcher in our organization is healing quickly!