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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Earl Weaver, 1981 Donruss #356

I wrote a novel last night, but I'll be spending this evening in Oriole Park at Camden Yards, enjoying a few draughts of Heavy Seas (buy local!), collecting my free Vlad Guerrero t-shirt, and hopefully watching Zach Britton complete a three-game sweep of the Mariners. So I'll just pass along a link to Mike Klingaman's story about Earl Weaver auctioning off a number of mementoes from his Hall of Fame managing career. I was just relieved to learn that he wasn't selling his keepsakes because of a financial emergency. Instead, he's saving himself and his family some difficult decisions about how to divvy up his memorabilia after he shuffles off to the tomato garden in the sky. It might seem morbid, but as usual Earl is thinking ahead. Most of us probably wouldn't mind seeing our loved ones enjoy their inheritance while we're still around.

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