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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage Wednesdays: Brooks Robinson, 1965 Topps #5

Rules are made to be broken, so I bring you a vintage Orioles card a little early this week. Tonight I clamber up from my sickbed to wish a happy 74th birthday to Brooks Robinson, who by all accounts is an even better man than he was a ballplayer. Brooksie is about 11 months younger than Harmon Killebrew, a fellow kind-hearted Hall of Famer who passed away yesterday after losing his battle with esophageal cancer. Robinson overcame his own bout with prostate cancer; he's had a clean bill of health for the past two years. The loss of a great person like Killebrew is a reminder that we're fortunate to still have #5 in our lives. Now, if only the Orioles could give their legendary third baseman a birthday present in the form of an extra-inning win over the Yankees...


Commishbob said...

Tossing in an extra look at Brooks is not breaking the rules, it's a Bonus Brooks. It's like finding a couple of bucks on the sidewalk, a small but happy surprise.

Kevin said...

Bob - I like the way you think!