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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mike Mussina, 1996 Bowman's Best #54

Okay, Orioles fans. I want you to stare directly into the hypnotic shiny yellow foil that is engulfing Mike Mussina and listen to me:

This week never happened.

The O's just took two out of three in Tampa, and before that, they swept a home series against the Mariners. They're ready for the first interleague series of the year, a weekend faceoff at Camden Yards with the Nationals. A win tomorrow night will get the Birds back to the always-elusive .500 mark, and considering the small roll they're on, you've got to like their chances.

Brian Roberts and Derrek Lee are ready to play. There was no bullpen implosion in Boston Monday night, no irritating rainout Tuesday. No frustrating and bizarre 15-inning loss to the Yankees last night, and certainly no 13-0 loss tonight.

Denial...it's all I have left after a week like this.


Chris said...

I hear you man. On the upside, Britton and most of the bullpen pitched well Wed. night, and Troy Patton finally made an appearance. Also, Arrieta starts against the Nats today. Here's to a sweep.

Kevin said...

Chris - No sweep, but I'd make do with 2 out of 3.