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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeff Ballard, 1991 Upper Deck #260

As I do from time to time, I am about to put way too much thought into a goofy baseball card:

-Jeff Ballard is wearing those fake stirrup socks. I hate those. Either go all the way with it or don't.

-Judging from the dirt and grass stains on his knees, whoever he's catching is a bit wild. My guess is Jose Mesa (5.2 K/9 IP in 1990).

-Last week, offensively-offensive backup infielder Cesar Izturis strapped on the tools of ignorance and caught Chris Tillman's bullpen session. This led to the revelation that Izzy is the current emergency catcher. That would have to be one hell of an emergency. I love those dumb little tidbits. Recent emergency catchers for the O's have included the likes of Ty Wigginton and Kevin Millar, who certainly fit the profile moreso than Cesar. I wonder what kind of emergency it would have taken for Jeff Ballard to suit up behind the plate.

-I can't even remember a time when baseball caps didn't have the ubiquitous MLB batter logo on the back of them.

-In the early 1990s, the crustier baseball types used to grouse about Ken Griffey, Jr. wearing his cap backwards during batting practice. It was disrespectful, apparently. Seems kind of quaint when you think about Prince Fielder and countless others untucking their jerseys as soon as the game ends.

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Anonymous said...

is that charlie sheen?