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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mike Mussina, 1999 Pacific Prism #19

Mike Mussina's 42nd birthday is today. Believe it. Believe these fun facts, too:

-With 270 career wins, he nearly doubles the total of all of the other pitchers born on December 8 combined (139).

-He won at least one game in 26 different stadiums, which is more impressive when you consider that he pitched for American League teams for all of his 18 years in the majors.

-Despite bolting to the Yankees in mid-career, he had more W's at Oriole Park at Camden Yards than at Yankee Stadium, 77-72.

-Moose pitched to 21 catchers in his career, including the uncle-nephew tandem of Rick Dempsey and Gregg Zaun.

-Amongst opposing hitters, former Rookie of the Year Bob Hamelin had the most at-bats against him without a hit, going 0-for-21 with a walk. Kirk Gibson was 0-for-15 with a walk, and current Frederick Keys coach Denny Hocking was 0-for-16 with a sac bunt.

-Mike's top five strikeout victims: Jason Varitek (30), Carlos Delgado (29), David Ortiz (27), Brian Daubach (25), Manny Ramirez (25).

-He pitched in 537 games, more than other Stanford University product. Other Orioles who played college ball at Stanford: Chuck Essegian, Pete Stanicek, Jeff Ballard, Jeffrey Hammonds, Paul Carey, Rick Helling, Brian Sackinsky, and Jeremy Guthrie.

-Other December 8 birthdays: Mary Queen of Scots, Eli Whitney, Diego Rivera, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jim Morrison, Sam Kinison, and Dwight Howard. Of interest only to me: WWE broadcaster Michael Cole (he was born on 12-8-68, same as Moose. Mussina's middle name is Cole. Spooky.) and LOST costars Dominic Monaghan and Ian Somerhalder.


Commishbob said...

Sam Kinison made me happy, Mike Mussina made me sad.

Brian said...

If only we had Moose in his prime now for O's. I think the rotation might be able to contend.

Kevin said...

Bob - Well, Moose gave you a good 10 years at least.

Brian - In my ideal world, Brian Matusz will make us forget Mike Mussina. We'll see about that.