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Monday, December 13, 2010

Brady Anderson, 1997 Topps Gallery #57

In all of the weeks-long supposition and guesswork about the 2011 Oriole coaching staff, Brady Anderson was one of the few ex-O's who was a popular candidate. (Can I just say how relieved I am that we've gotten to the point in the offseason where we can chase rumors of actual player moves?) Brady, who played his last game in Baltimore a decade ago, didn't get hired. It seems like Buck Showalter put an emphasis on experienced coaches, men with whom he had a pre-existing relationship. That's all good and well. But I'm glad to read that Brady is still offering his advice and instruction to a few players whose success will be critical to the fortunes of next year's team.

Anderson and young outfielder Nolan Reimold started working together last year, as the slugger struggled to right himself following a disastrous start to the season both on and off-field. They've continued their partnership, and Brady has reported back to the Birds in the affirmative about Reimold's health and his ability to return to his 2009 form. The O's single-season home run record holder is convinced that Nolan had not fully recovered from offseason Achilles tendon surgery when he went north with the club last April. He also points out that while the left fielder was rehabbing his injury the previous winter, he was unable to take swings and continue with his usual offseason training regimen. I thought that the rumored Reimold-for-Jason Bartlett swap was a mistake that the team was fortunate to avoid, and it sounds like Anderson agrees. I just hope that he can train and mentor as well as he played.

As happenstance would have it, new third baseman Mark Reynolds also solicited Brady's assistance shortly before the Orioles traded for him. They're due to meet up in Arizona soon for some workouts and batting practice. I'll say one thing about Anderson; he certainly knows how to pick his pupils. He's coming in on the ground floor with Nolan and Mark. If they could each hit .250 with power in 2011, he'll look like an offensive guru.


Goose Joak said...

Love that card

Kevin said...

Dave - It is a good one. The photo is the focus, as it should be.