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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miguel Tejada, 2006 Bowman #150

It was a breezy Sunday afternoon in 2005 when it happened. Bottom of the fourth inning, scoreless game, Miguel Tejada on third base with one out following a double and a grounder to the right side. The next batter up was B. J. Surhoff, who cracked a single into left field. Tejada scored easily, but heard a terrible commotion behind him. Crossing the plate, he glanced over his shoulder to see what it was, and was confronted with a terrible sight. A live bear had rushed the field from who-knows-where, and was mauling third base coach Sam Perlozzo. The umpires were pleading with the creature to leave Pelozzo alone and to return from the zoo or cave from which it came, but the bear either did not understand them or did not care to comply. It was, as many reporters and columnists observed, a dark day for baseball.

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