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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cal Ripken, Jr., 1993 Topps Stadium Club Master Photo Winner

A few months back, my aunt and uncle called me from a flea market to let me know that they'd found someone selling sports cards. My entire family has become a hobby recon squad in the past few years, sniffing out cardboard wherever their travels take them. I listened to my uncle rattle off a short list of junk wax for sale, and asked him to pick up a $10 box of 1993 Stadium Club Series 1 for $10. I finally picked it up at Thanksgiving dinner, and spent a week or so ripping packs. The collation was pretty lousy; I think it was about 50% doubles. But what do you want for a cool Alexander Hamilton? Besides, I did snag this Cal Ripken, Jr. winner card. Tell him what he won, Rod!

"CONGRATULATIONS! This card entitles you to three (3) Stadium Club Master Photos from Stadium Club Baseball series #1. A MASTER PHOTO is the uncropped version of the photograph used in the Stadium Club 1993 Series with 22% more photo area than a 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" card. A MASTER PHOTO lets you see what the photographer sees through his lens. Each MASTER PHOTO (Ed. Note: Enough with the Caps Lock!) is printed on high grade 5" X 7" white stock enhanced with our Stadium Club Master Photo Design.

The Group A02 MASTER PHOTOS you have won are CAL RIPKEN (pictured on this card), MIKE SCIOSCIA and CARLOS BAERGA..."

Okay, enough with the boilerplate. Time to put my $1.50 shipping charge in an envelope and reap my sweet Master Ph- what's this?

"*MASTER PHOTO WINNER* Cards must be redeemed no later than 1/31/94."

Aww, rat farts! Oh well, at least I've got the Winner Card to add to my Orioles collection.


night owl said...

I wish my family was as highly trained. I have a brother-in-law in line. That's about it.

jacobmrley said...

life's little victories: getting one of your team's best players on a cool card in a junk wax box. nice job by the fam.

Kevin said...

Greg - They usually are good enough to at least call and ask if I'm interested.

Max - It's the little victories that matter.

grahm2.0 said...

I have a kirby Puckett winner card. I wonder if this are worth anything