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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jerry Hairston Jr., 2000 Upper Deck MVP #126

Tonight the Orioles and Padres meet in San Diego to fight for Jerry Hairston's love...or not. After all, Hairston's still doing his super-utility thing for the Dodgers, and life must be pretty good atop the National League West. But Jerry is just one of 72 players to suit up for the O's and the Fathers. The list ranges from Roberto Alomar and Steve Finley to Jarvis Brown and Gene Harris.

West coast night games are tough for the everyday fan on the other side of the country. For my part, I get up for work at six in the morning (or as my lovely fiancee refers to it, the middle of the night), so there's no way I'm hanging in there until one o'clock or later to see the Orioles through to the finish. I am a night owl by nature, so it's usually near midnight when I do hit the sack; I'll often squeeze in the first half of the game before I call it a night. But I have to mute my cell phone first, so that I don't hear the ScoreCenter app chiming in to tell me that there's been a score change in the Birds' game. In the past, it's been enough to jolt me into a state of alertness. I'm left expecting the worst and hoping the best, and wondering if I should just check the score or try to forget it and drift off to sleep.

The easy solution would be to fly to San Diego and visit my friends out there, and maybe take in a game at Petco. If I weren't devoting my funds and my vacation leave to that whole wedding thing next month, maybe I'd do that. Ah well.


Commishbob said...

I stayed up to watch the game last nite but I'm such a wimp I can't bear to watch when the opponents get a runner on. I switched off mlb.tv last nite in the eighth when Matusz gave up that single and switched it off again when they got the runner on of Johnson in the ninth.

My ulcer was less painful back when the O's sucked. Not that I want that again.

Kevin said...

Bob - I do the same thing. It's so much more nerve-wracking watching them play defense than it is to watch the Orioles hit.