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Monday, August 19, 2013

Brooks Robinson, 2013 Panini Prizm #134

If Triple Play is an example of how to get MLB-license-deficient card sets right, I'd say that Prizm is an example of how to get them wrong. It's one thing to airbrush/Photoshop away logos and insignia, leaving blank caps and uniforms. But for some reason, Panini felt it necessary to edit out any and all color. Why couldn't they leave Brooks Robinson's helmet brim and his number 5 orange? We're left with drab, depressing black and gray. It looks like Brooksie's playing for a prison league team or something. They did the same thing with the current Oriole players; I've got Adam Jones and Jim Johnson's cards, and both are wearing plain black headgear with their home whites instead of the tri-color hats that the Birds now wear at home. So I won't be collecting this set, O's aside.


jacobmrley said...

You know I hated this set when I didn't keep the Brooks.

Kevin said...

Max - As an omnivorous team collector, I thank you for that.