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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Storm Davis, 1993 Score #449

Okay, we're exceptionally late and brief tonight because football takes precedence on certain days, particularly when my Ravens are fighting for their playoff lives in the final game at Texas Stadium against a tough Cowboys team. (In honor of the game, I've posted a card of Dallas native Storm Davis.) It was an exhilarating game, won by Baltimore 33-24 thanks to three quarters of stifling defense followed by an explosive, back-and-forth final fifteen minutes. It's really exciting to watch this team go from the outhouse (5-11) to the penthouse (10-5 with one game remaining). If Charm City's other Birds can beat Jacksonville at home next Sunday, they will be in the postseason. I'm holding out hope that the O's will soon give us two teams that a source of pride.


William said...

"From the outhouse to the penthouse" -- nice Norman Chad quote.

Kevin said...

William - I'd heard that elsewhere, but had no idea it was from Norm. He's a pretty funny guy from what I've read of him.