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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don Stanhouse, 1991 Crown/Coca-Cola All-Time Orioles #432

One of the primary influences on this blog was, and continues to be, Josh Wilker's Cardboard Gods. Today, Josh wrote about a seminal moment in the history of his own blog. He had previously posted a Don Stanhouse card with an amusing and fictional glimpse inside the mind of "Stan the Man Unusual", and apparently his subject stumbled upon the piece and the ensuing comments, and responded in measured, diplomatic fashion:

2008-05-24 17:33:10
Stanhouse gets my vote for most "spaced out" Dodger of all time.

2008-11-17 17:18:30
Thank you for all of the votes! I have been booed by 55,000 drunk, angry, rain soaked Yankee fans and there is not much you can say that will hurt my feelings. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME.......BAM!

2008-11-17 17:19:38

Okay, it's me speaking again. I love the following things about this situation, assuming that "FULLPACK" is who he claims to be:

a. Don Stanhouse is embracing the derogatory nickname bestowed upon him by Earl Weaver
all those years ago.

b. Don Stanhouse is searching the Internet for sarcastic things that people may have said about him six months ago.

c. Don Stanhouse claims not to be hurt by Josh's words, and yet a mere 68 seconds later, he seems extremely agitated, what with the all-caps and throwing down the gauntlet.

d. Don Stanhouse doesn't seem to know where to find Josh Wilker, who has posted his full name, email address, location, and even the road where he catches the bus elsewhere on his blog.

e. I'm still trying to decipher "BAM!" Is it both the figurative and literal exclamation point on his statement, or is he a fan of Emeril? Or perhaps he's imagining that he's sucker punching Josh?

Food for thought.


zman40 said...

I like how he asks a question with an exclamation point. How is that supposed to work! Great card photo and funny post.

night owl said...

Wonderful card of a man who caused me great pain in 1980. I don't know "fullpack" is Stanhouse or not. It seems goofy enough to be him, but I don't know if he was THAT goofy.

Kevin said...

zman - Thanks...I was wondering about the exclamatory question myself. As an English major, that's a pet peeve along with apostrophe abuse, your/you're, they're/their...but I digress.

night owl - Only the Shadow knows if it truly was Don Stanhouse.

PunkRockPaint said...


I just finished the greatest EVER book about grammar!!! You should check it out.


I link to her blog (SPOGG- Society fro the Promotion of Good Grammar) from mine. You should check it out.

With apologies for the "ellips-clamation" points. The book is that good.

My "captcha" is a REAL WORD!!!


That is so refreshing.

PunkRockPaint said...

Ah, yes! I spelled "for" as "fro."

The Society of Poor Typing would be so proud.

No such back-to-back "captcha" luck.

verjoyst. Blech!