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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mike Mussina, 1992 Leaf #13

Here's a rare sight: Mike Mussina in a #42 jersey. Moose wore that number for his initial two-month stint with the Orioles in 1991, switched to #35 in 1992, and wore the latter for the rest of his career.

Tonight is the one night of the year that the Orioles will wear #42...each and every one of them. Since the O's had off yesterday, they're observing Jackie Robinson Day tonight against the Rays by wearing his number on nameless jerseys. I'll be there, trying to send good-pitching vibes to the confounding Jake Arrieta and probably enjoying a more "intimate" crowd experience after enduring the crush of revelers a few weeks back at the home opener. C'mon, Jake...don't mess up my personal eight-game win streak at Camden Yards!


night owl said...

I was just looking for a card with Mussina wearing #42!

I didn't find anything. Didn't have time to do the post anyway. Next year.

Kevin said...

As you might imagine, Moose's 1992 cards are your best bet. Off the top of my head, this one as well as his Fleer and Fleer Ultra issues show the #42 clearly.

Anonymous said...

His 1992 Topps Stadium Club is also a #42 Moose, in a very similar photo to the Fleer Ultra.