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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Luis Ayala, 2013 Topps Red #276

What's this? A current-year Topps product? That must mean that it's mail day! Indeed, on this beautiful and unseasonably warm day, I had a small yellow envelope waiting for me after work. It was an unexpected package from none other than the friendly neighborhood Night Owl. He sent a half-dozen cards, all of them new to me...though one was older than I am. (To be revealed on Friday. Ooh, a cliffhanger!) Thanks to Night Owl, I now have both the red and the blue border parallels of Luis Ayala's 2013 Topps card. Those in the know say that the red ones are inserted into packs of cards shipped to Target, and the blue guys are inserted into packs of cards destined for Walmart. I honestly think the red looks better, as it's more vivid than the grayish-blue of the Wallyworld parallels. Besides, you get a warm-color effect with the O's orange logo and color banner that's not half-bad. It's a shame that I got tired of spending my money to support Topps' monopolistic reign of terror, because this year's design is light years better than their 2012 effort. Anyhow, I'll have to pull out the handful of Dodgers inserts I bought at a flea market a few months back and see if I have anything that Mr. Owl can use. It never hurts to think of others when you're hunting for bargains.

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night owl said...

I couldn't believe my ... um ... "luck" ... pulling both retail parallels of Luis Ayala. I suppose I should have found a Toys R Us and tried to get a purple one, too.