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Monday, March 9, 2009

Kevin Brown, 1995 Topps Traded #148T

Yesterday I had my first fantasy baseball draft of the year, a true sign that Spring is on its way. Through pure happenstance, I came to select two Kevins to my team (Messrs. Youkilis and Kouzmanoff). My mind started wandering, which I'm sure will come as a shock to most of you. I began to wonder whether I could compile a full all-time team of my namesakes, and if so, how it would take shape. It's times like this that I'm really glad to have baseball-reference.com in my life. So let's take a peek at the All-Kevins, including their career-best seasons, shall we?

C Kevin Cash - Definitely a weak link. 2008: .225, 3 HR, 15 RBI.

1B Kevin Youkilis - Elbows his way onto the team with a monster '08. 2008: .312, 29 HR, 115 RBI.

2B Kevin Jordan - Former Phillie split time at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 1999: .285, 4 HR, 51 RBI.

SS Kevin Stocker - The Devil Rays traded Bobby Abreu to get him...yikes. Peaked as a rookie. 1993: .324, 2 HR, 31 RBI.

3B Kevin Seitzer - A quintessential contact hitter. 1987: .323, 15 HR, 83 RBI.

RF Kevin Bass - One of four Orioles on this team, and the only one to end his career in Charm City. 1986: .311, 20 HR, 79 RBI.

CF Kevin McReynolds - I knew a Mets fan who absolutely hated this guy. 1988: .288, 27 HR, 99 RBI, 21 SB.

LF Kevin Mitchell - Hey, we've even got an MVP! 1989: .291, 47 HR, 125 RBI, 1.023 OPS.

DH Kevin Millar - I'm glad I could find a spot for Kevbo in the lineup. His on-base skills give him the nod over Kevin Young. 2001: .314, 20 HR, 85 RBI.

The bench includes catcher Kevin L. Brown (.254 in 189 career AB), first baseman Kevin Young (1999: .298, 26 HR, 106 RBI, 22 SB), shortstop Kevin Elster (1996: .252, 24 HR, 99 RBI), third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff (2007: .275, 18 HR, 74 RBI), corner outfielder Kevin Mench (2004: .279, 26 HR, 71 RBI), and left fielder Kevin Reimer (1991: .269, 20 HR, 69). Just missing the cut was 1B/DH and Yankee flash-in-the-pan Kevin Maas (1990: .252, 21 HR, 41 RBI, 12.1 AB/HR).

And the pitching staff:

SP Kevin Brown - This is a slight cheat, as his given name is James Kevin Brown. 1996: 17-11, 1.89 ERA.

SP Kevin Appier - As a KC Royal, he used to kill the O's. 1993: 18-8, 2.56 ERA.

SP Kevin Millwood - Should become third-winningest Kevin early this year. 1999: 18-7, 2.68 ERA.

SP Kevin Tapani - The Twins' major yield from the Frank Viola trade. 1991: 16-9, 2.99 ERA.

SP Kevin Gross - The man currently tied with Millwood at #4. 1985: 15-13, 3.41 ERA.

RP Kevin Kobel - The swingman on this staff. 1978: 5-6, 2.91 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 108.3 IP.

RP Kevin Rogers - Really a one-year wonder, but I'm comfortable with that. 1993: 2.68 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 80.7 IP.

RP Kevin Hickey - A unique career took him from the softball field to the 1983 ALCS to the Cinderella 1989 Orioles, with a six-year absence from the majors in between. 1989: 2.92 ERA, 1.23 WHIP.

RP Kevin Saucier - Nicknamed "Hot Sauce" because of his demonstrative nature on the mound. 1981: 1.65 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 13 SV.

CL Kevin Gregg - With just two seasons as a closer, leads all Kevins in saves. 2008: 7-8, 32 SV, 3.41 ERA.

Well, that's not such a bad team. We've got a big hole at catcher, and not a lot of speed, but there's tons of power up and down the lineup (though that 1996 season for Elster is a crazy fluke). The starting rotation is strong from one through five, and it's a good thing, because there's not much sustained success in the bullpen. I'd like to think that the Fightin' Kevins would hold their own against most any other namesake All-Star team out there.


jacobmrley said...

i made an all max and meyer team a few years ago (there aren't enough of one or the other to make a good team out of just one name) and I am pretty certain your kevins would kick our butts. i'll look around and see if i can find it, or maybe just rebuild from scratch.

Kevin said...

Max - Good to know that I'm not the only one who does this kind of thing! I'd be interested in seeing what you compiled. Maybe Max Scherzer will give your guys a boost in the coming years...

William said...

The All-Kevin team would pound the All-Boog team, that's for sure.

Unknown said...

great idea and post . . . I may have to develop an all Steve-team one day.

Kevin said...

William - You have a point there! I think they could also take the all-Brooks team.

Steve - As long as you leave open a spot for Steve Swisher...

Commishbob said...

OK, Kevin. I'll play.

The All-Bob team. Guys known as Robert or Bobby are not eligible, for the most part. I may stretch this rule a bit but not to grab a star like Bobby Bonds or Roberto Clemente, much as I'd like to.

1B-Bob Watson. Saw him play a lot for the 'Stros. One of my favorite non-Orioles. He'll hit third.
2B-Bob Saverine. An Oriole, but never a regular. This is a weak spot. Bobby Grich might be allowed here, I sometimes heard him refered to as 'Bob' Grich. But I'll stick with Saverine.
SS-Bob Lillis. Good field, no hit. Can't think of a viable alternative.
3B-Bob Horner. He'll bat cleanup!
LF-Bob Allison. I loved this guy as a kid. I can't remember why. He will fill the 5 slot in the order.
CF-Bob Meusel. My only old-timer. Babe's teammate and a petty fair player in his own right.
RF-Bob Neiman. Had some pretty good seasons for the O's in the 50s. Gets the nod over a couple of guys who will make the squad as reserves.
C-Bob Boone. A solid spot for this club. Might bat 6th.

The Bench:
Bob Robertson-1B
Bob Bailor and Bob Heise-utility infielders.
Bob Hazle and Bob Cerv-outfield reserves and pinch hitters. Maybe Hazle can catch that half season lightning in a bottle again.
C-Bob Brenley or Bob Melvin. The guy that gets cut becomes the manager. I might keep Bob Uecker around to keep the clubhouse loose.

The Staff:
This is where this team shines! Starts off with three H-O-Fers.
Bob Feller
Bob Lemon
Bob Gibson (best righty I've ever seen.)
Bob Friend
Bob Buhl

Spot Starters/Swingmen:
Bob Veale
Bob Grim

The Bullpen:
Bob Lee
Bob Miller (the one who retired in the 70s and pitched for EVERY TEAM.)
Bob Stanley

There you have it. The All-Bobs.
Opening Day:


Heck, Gibby might bat 7th!

Nachos Grande said...

Nice idea here! I posted my All-Chris team on my blog. Might be a good game between these two teams.

night owl said...

I think you inadvertantly started your own blog bat-around theme. I also posted my All-Greg team.

Kevin said...

I'm glad this idea has taken off! I'll link all of your teams in tonight's entry.

Commishbob said...

Kevin said...

William - You have a point there! I think they could also take the all-Brooks team.

I have a son named Brooks (Brooks Robinson A... actually.) Heck of a shortstop in his American Legion ball days. but he'd bat ninth for sure. :-(

His twin is Jim Palmer A... But he ended up as a firstbaseman. Go figure.

jacobmrley said...

max ramierz is supposed to be a good catcher too. he will augment the very thin ranks there.

SpastikMooss said...

Posted an all tim team. A little late, but check it out, we'd cream your team!