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Friday, April 25, 2008

Vintage Fridays: Bob Grich, 1976 Topps #335

This is my very favorite card in an altogether fantastic 1976 Topps set. It signifies everything that's great about that year's cards: bright, contrasting border colors, a smiling, sun-drenched subject, and most of all, glorious hair on both head and face. Bob Grich is resplendent in his Seventies masculinity with a thick mustache that is reminiscent of the true greats, names like Selleck and Reynolds. The hair flies free and loose in the summer breeze, sticking up and out in every direction. It looks like my hair does when I've let it grow out a bit and I go for a swim. For kicks, I'll slick it back and wait for it to dry, and then get a porcupine effect as the air does its work.

There are some iconic photos in this set, and Grich more than holds his own with George Scott, Garry Maddox, Hal McRae, Oscar Gamble, Gorman Thomas, Al Hrabosky...those are just the handful that I have in my own collection. Whenever I get around to completing a set from the Seventies, I'll probably start with 1976, a year when men were proud to let their hair grow long and wild. A year when sideburns were pushed to the limits, crossing jawlines and cheekbones and ruling over everything in between. A year when mustaches had a life all their own.

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MMayes said...

You ought to look at the 1976 SSPC set. It's got some wild hair. There's a picture of George Brett that looks for all the world like Gorman Thomas.